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  • Visions for Data Sharing and Distributed Storage in Research April 14, 2021
    Poseidon team members Ryan Abernathey and Alex Szalay are talking at the Open Storage Network webinar on 29 April. Ryan’s talk title is: “Analyzing Big Earth System Data with OSN and Pangeo Cloud” and Alex’s is: “Science at the Mid-Scale”. Details of the meeting are here and you can register here.
  • Is Computational Oceanography Coming of Age? April 14, 2021
    The Poseidon team has published a commentary paper in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society with the title above. Read the article here to find out why we think the answer is YES!
  • Shear Dispersion Talk December 1, 2020
    Tom gave a talk at the 2020 IDIES & MINDS Symposium. The title is: Towards the Development of Scale-Dependent, Non-Local, Turbulent Closures in Rotating Stratified Flows. The talk reports on the 2020 IDIES Seed Fund Award to Tom and Charles Menenveau. Postdoc Miguel Jimenez Urias did the work, which involves a new exact solution to the shear dispersion problem. […]
  • OceanSpy v0.2.0 Released​ October 27, 2020
    Miguel Jimenez Urias, Ali Siddiqui, and Mattia Almansi have updated OceanSpy to version 0.2.0. The release merges new functionality to support lat-lon-cap (LLC) grids. LLC grids are used by many models in the MITgcm ecosystem, including the LLC4320 run, the Poseidon Run, and the ECCO solutions. See details on the new release here.
  • Commentary: Computational Oceanography is Coming of Age October 25, 2020
    The Poseidon Project team has submitted a commentary about the opportunities and challenges posed by increasingly powerful ocean circulation models. The abstract reads: Computational Oceanography is the study of ocean phenomena by numerical simulation, especially dynamical and physical phenomena. Progress in information technology has driven exponential growth in the number of global ocean observations and […]
  • Miguel Jimenez-Urias seminar May 12, 2020
    Miguel gave a great seminar in our Atmospheres & Oceans discussion group last week. He discussed his PhD thesis research on the dynamics of flow across the Greenland-Scotland Ridge. You can watch it here!
  • IDIES Seed Fund Award March 20, 2020
    Postdoc Miguel Jimenez Urias, Tom Haine, and Charles Meneveau have been awarded a $25,000 IDIES seed fund grant for the project “Towards the Development of Scale-Dependent, Non-Local, Turbulent Closures in Rotating Stratified Flows“! The project will last one year, starting 1 April 2020.
  • Mattia’s GRL paper February 25, 2020
    Graduate student Mattia Almansi published his latest research findings on Denmark Strait Overflow cyclones, and their relationship to overflow surges, in Geophysical Research Letters. This paper uses the OceanSpy and SciServer infrastructure. Well done Mattia!
  • Poseidon Project at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 February 13, 2020
    Check out the Poseidon Project talks at the AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, February 2020: Monday 17 February: How Do We Make High-Resolution Ocean Simulations Useful to the Community? Monday 17 February: Pangeo: A Community Platform for Big-Data Geoscience