The Poseidon Project will deliver a nominally 1km resolution global ocean circulation solution. That’s under development at this time. Meanwhile, several test solutions are available, including:

  • A subset of global LLC4320 data (MITgcm). The LLC4320 solution is a prototype for the Poseidon Run.
  • Several regional 1km resolution simulations of the sub-polar North Atlantic and Nordic Seas (MITgcm).
  • A subset of the global LLC90 ECCO data (MITgcm).
  • A subset of global nominally 1km resolution HYCOM data. We’re working with the HYCOM team to include data from their solutions in the Poseidon Project.

These data are available through the SciServer Oceanography data portal. See a list of available datasets on theĀ OceanSpy/Datasets page.